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I walked the Bridge of Sighs
To wander among
Marble figures adrift in autumn mist
And tombstones protruding from damp soil
Like rotten teeth in a giant creature's jaw.

Time has gnawed at the white marble face
Of the rich merchant's wife
Resting forever on a white marble slab.
Hopeful eyes turned heavenward
Will never see the drapes of her dress
Forever hugging immaculate breasts
Blackened by time.

Here on this misty hill over the sleeping city
I cannot help but see
The beauty that lies in decay.
This glimpse of the Sublime
That would have moved Wordsworth and Coleridge
To burst into song.

Yet, when I crossed my own bridge of sighs
Adrift in a mist of incomprehension
Grief on my shoulders
Like a white marble slab
There was no beauty.
Eyes fixed on the ground
Where you will rest forever
As they lower the coffin into damp soil
Showering it with hopeful flowers.
Helpless hugs in black.
Trying to fight all thoughts of decay
Blackening your white marble skin
Time like a giant creature's jaws
Gnawing at your flesh.

I wonder
Does it take a marble monument
For somebody to stop
And marvel
At your eternal beauty
And burst into song?


Necropolis is an old cemetery on a hill close to Glasgow Cathedral. The main entrance is approached by a bridge over what was then the Molendinar Burn. The bridge, which was designed by James Hamilton, was completed in 1833. It became known as the "Bridge of Sighs" because it was part of the route of funeral processions (the name is an allusion to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice).
1.3.07 18:10

Im M?rzen der Bauer die Jauche ausbringt
Ich wohn auf dem Lande, mein Gott wie das stinkt!

Dieser zugegeben ziemlich bl?de Zweizeiler fiel mir beim Besuch im heimatlichen M?nsterland ein. Da hilft nur noch Fenster zu und durch!
30.3.05 23:02

Amour Fou

padded walls
in soothing red
I am forever locked up
in this soft cell

the World from my insanity
me From the world
I am forever locked in
inside your heart
17.3.05 13:53

Das sch?ne Wetter inspirierte mich heute zu einer kleinen Haiku-Trilogie...

Gro?stadtfr?hling #1

Erster warmer Tag
ein Cabrioletfahrer
?ffnet das Verdeck

Gro?stadtfr?hling #2

vor dem Supermarkt Kisten
Primeln und Krokus

Gro?stadtfr?hling #3

grellbunte Plastikeier
im Vorgartenstrauch
14.3.05 15:56

To sail the seas of love

Away from home I sailed, out to the sea.
I dreamt of pirates and their hidden treasures.
Horizons far were calling out to me
To find adventure and forbidden pleasures.

Adventure I did find, the tempests roared,
Waves rising high and tossing me about.
Too bold too careless I went overboard.
The ocean swallowed me and spit me out.

When I awoke I lay upon a beach
The waters in the bay were calm and blue
And all I craved was here within my reach.
This safe and quiet bay I found was you.

But for adventures missed I will not weep
these waters may be calm - but they are deep.
8.3.05 20:53

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